Lunch Menu


Turkey Sandwiche on the baguette $9.25
Turkey, lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese
Proscuitto with Butter on the Baguette with Salad $12.95
Vegetarian Sandwich $10.25
Ham and cheese on the baguette $9.25
Ham and swiss cheese served hot or cold
Panini $8.50
Roast Beef on the baguette $9.25
Hot grilled vegetables with provolone cheese served on baguette
Garden Burger Bistro $9.25
Served on Kaiser roll with grilled onions and swiss cheese
Melted Brie with Almonds $10.25
Brie cheese, almonds served on baguette
French Dip $10.25
Sliced roast beef, served with Potatoes on the baguette
Reuben $10.25
Pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand Island served on rye bread
Croque Monsieur $9.25
Ham, swiss cheese and béchamel sauce, served on pain de Mie
Croque Madame $10.25
Ham, swiss cheese and béchamel sauce, topped with two eggs
Trio $9.25
Turkey, ham and brie served on ficelle
Nicole Burger $10.25
Served on Kaiser Roll with Potatoes, add cheese $1.50

Chef’s Favorites

Moules Mariniere $24.95
Steamed mussels with white wine, shallots, garlic and butter
Chicken Breast Normande $16.75
Chicken breast with cream sauce and mushrooms flambé with Calvados
Grilled Salmon Béarnaise Sauce $18.25
Medallions of Veal Piccatta $16.25

Prices Subject to Change